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Weak Power Intelligent-Teach You How To Choose Fiber Distribution Cabinet And How To Use It
Nov 27, 2018

First, what is the odf fiber distribution cabinet

The odf fiber distribution cabinet is also called the odf fiber distribution frame. The odf fiber distribution cabinet is used to provide the cable interconnection between communication facilities. It can integrate fiber fusion, fiber termination, and fiber adapter in one unit. , connectors and cable connectors.


Second, what is the fiber distribution cabinet

The fiber distribution cabinet, also known as the fiber distribution box, is an upgraded version of the odf fiber distribution cabinet. It is also used for fiber termination, fiber fusion, fiber distribution, and fiber storage, but it uses a tray inside the tray to slide down. The out-of-the-line design allows for the installation of adapter panels as well as high-density MPO/MTP distribution boxes. It is a common wiring tool for LANs and data centers to ensure long-term reliable network transmission.



Third, how to choose fiber distribution cabinet and odf fiber distribution cabinet

The basic functions of odf fiber distribution cabinets provided by suppliers today are almost the same. The biggest difference is that they come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right wiring closet can be judged based on the following points:

1odf fiber distribution cabinet 19-inch standard rack type has 144 cores, 288 cores, 576 cores and 720 cores and other specifications. The odf fiber distribution cabinet is mainly for flexible wiring access, so the scalable frame design is the basic condition for comprehensive cable management.

The 19-inch standard rack of fiber-optic wiring closet is available in 1U, 2U and 4U. Its slide-out design and push-pull drawer not only provide flexible wiring but also protect the fiber well, and can also be used with MTP HD. Wire box or HD adapter panels and MTP cables are ideal for ideal interconnection and cross-connection between backbone cables and active equipment.

2odf fiber distribution cabinet adopts SPCC package and can be used in combination with high-density splicing tray. It is equipped with optical cable fixing plate, winding wheel and wiring service frame, which is the basic protection device for cable fixing and management.

The fiber optic wiring closet is made of SPCC cold-rolled steel plate encapsulation and powder coating, which can improve the service life of the chassis and prevent the casing from being scratched and rusted. At the same time, the self-winding reel, bending radius control clip, stress relief bracket, hook and loop fastener holder and cable holder are ideal for fiber optic backbone connection and wiring management in data center MDA, IDC or HAD wiring area.

As can be seen from the above analysis, the fiber distribution cabinet has all the functions of the odf fiber distribution cabinet, and has been further upgraded, which is the preferred combination of the data center. The odf fiber distribution cabinet is more suitable for the basic protection and access between the optical transmission network and the optical transmission equipment, and between the cables of the optical fiber user access network. In the future, with the further growth of network transmission data, odf fiber distribution cabinets may gradually be replaced by fiber distribution cabinets.


Fourth, the use method and solution of odf fiber distribution cabinet

Connect the switch to the rack-mounted ODF fiber distribution frame through the cable, then manage the cable in the ODF fiber distribution cabinet, and finally move out to connect to the server through the fixed cable. The basic requirement for odf fiber distribution cabinets is to easily access the connectors in the front and rear ports that can be inserted and removed. The following figure shows the wiring management solution for the odf fiber distribution cabinet.


Five, the use of fiber distribution cabinet and solutions

Connect the optical fiber jumpers connected to the optical module and the switch to the fiber distribution cabinet through the adapter, and then connect the optical fiber distribution cabinets to each other and then move out from the main fiber jumper to the fiber distribution cabinet in the next rack. The fiber jumper and optical module are connected to the switch to complete the network transmission. The fiber distribution cabinet functions as a fiber link protection and management cable.

to sum up

The fiber optic distribution cabinet is a high-density modular fiber optic distribution product that is plug-and-play, easy to install, and maximizes the limited space available in racks and cabinets, making it an ideal solution for high-density cabling.

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