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Virgin Media Will Invest £3 Billion In UK Fiber Deployment
Jan 23, 2019


This move is expected to connect 4 million homes to the network and create 6,000 jobs and 1,000 apprenticeships by 2019. Virgin Media, known as Project Lightning, will connect at least a quarter of its 4 million homes to Premise via Fiber. Overall, by 1719, approximately 17 million locations should be connected to their UK network, making it one of the largest investments in UK broadband infrastructure over the past decade.



The company has begun launching FTTP in Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire and is expected to begin soon in West Yorkshire, Devon and East Sussex. The technique it uses is called narrow trenching. This means that FTTP can be deployed at lower cost and faster speeds in areas with higher demand.



Virgin Media CEO Tom Mokrich said: "Our £3 billion investment will bring ultra-fast connections to more parts of the UK, not just to provide better broadband services, but to pass the best and The most modern technology provides future guarantees for the country's network infrastructure.



“While some companies talk about a good game, Virgin Media is putting money into it and laying the fiber on our high-quality HFC network – providing the fastest and widest broadband speed.” In just over a year We have already laid out enough new cables, extending from Land's End to John O'Groats, to reach 250,000 homes and businesses - and more. ”


Competitor fiber-optic network company CityFibre has recently begun offering all-fiber products in the UK towns and cities such as Bristol and Exeter to provide 1Gbps service.

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