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Today Is Lantern Festival, Adtek Wish You Have A Nice Day!
Feb 20, 2019

The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. The first month is the first full moon in a year, so the fifteenth day of the first month is called the Lantern Festival.




Flower lantern: rich implication


Lantern Festival is also called "Lantern Festival" and "Lantern Festival" because of the custom of viewing lanterns.







Guessing lantern riddles: broad and profound


Some riddles are related to words, some are related to reason, and often read with humor and wit.





Eating Lantern Festival: Reunion


Lantern Festival is made of glutinous rice powder, round, with walnut kernels, sesame or sweet-scented osmanthus sugar as stuffing. Jiangnan is called Tangtuan.







Dragon lantern and lion dance


Dragon lantern playing is also called "dragon dance" or "dragon lantern dance".



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