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Telstra Uses Infinera's Technology To Deploy Upgrades To Network Services In The Asia Pacific Region
Jan 21, 2019


Telstra and Infinera announced plans for Telstra's network services to customers in the Asia Pacific region. With Infinera's Unlimited Capacity Engine 4 (ICE4), the fiber capacity of its subsea infrastructure can be significantly increased.


As part of a continuing partnership, Infinera's fourth-generation ICE4 optical engine is being promoted in Telstra's Asia Pacific subsea infrastructure, increasing the capacity, flexibility and reliability of the Telstra network.



The ICE4 subsea solution enables Telstra to quickly activate new capacity for customers, providing multiple terabit capacity with low power consumption and high reliability.


ICE4 increases Telstra's fiber capacity by 160% and port density by 140% while reducing power consumption, enabling Telstra to continuously improve customer network services.



Telstra is one of the world's largest 100Gb / s network service providers, and ICE4 technology enables the company to support customers' future connectivity needs and activate 200 Gb / s capacity.


Telstra's head of network planning, Andy Lumsden, said that Telstra is committed to continually evolving its network to support the growing data needs of the entire Asia Pacific region.



Lumsden said: "Our commitment to customers in the Asia Pacific region means that we always adjust and create capabilities where we need it. This means we are constantly striving to deploy new technologies to enhance our existing network and complement our latest capacity investment. With Infinera's ICE4 optical engine, deploying the latest technology on our network enables new services to be delivered faster than ever before, which is critical for the capacity needs of our international network to have almost doubled in the past two years."


Telstra has the largest submarine cable network in the Asia Pacific region, reaching more than 400,000 kilometers, enough to surround the Earth nearly 10 times.


Andrew Bond-Webster, vice president of sales at Infinera, said: "The early launch tests have achieved good results. ICE4 is our newest optical engine, enabling Telstra to efficiently and reliably with low power consumption and submarine network reliability. Providing multi-terabit capacity. We have been working with Telstra for ten years and have worked together to create a solution to quickly respond to the ever-changing data consumption and the growth of bandwidth-hungry applications."

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