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Russia Has Developed The World's Unique Optical Supercomputer
Dec 13, 2018

According to the Russian Institute of Physical Sciences, Russia has developed a unique optical supercomputer in the world. This photonic computer has been born and has been patented. This optical supercomputer has obvious advantages over traditional computers.



I have to say that the speed of this research is very fast. At the same time as the United States is leading the way, Russia has exploded new research. Russia here refers to the photonic computer we are talking about, which is based on the interaction of laser radiation pulses. The traditional computer is built on electronic components, so the advantage lies here. The photonic computer is converted into a laser pulse by an electrical and "light" two-part original, machine code (ie a set of instructions). The photons enter the photonic processor through the waveguide, where the laser pulses interact and then perform the same logic operations as the computer.

All computer receiving principles are different. Traditional computers perform operations on components. After the photonic computer receives the signal, it is fed back on the laser beam processor. When it returns to the electronic part, it is equivalent to conversion. The area is transformed into information that the user can access through optical information, so that we can see the information we normally recognize. Principal researcher Sergey Stepanenko explained that photonic computers can be used to solve problems beyond the capabilities of "semiconductor" supercomputers.



Scientists say that photonics technology has achieved the traditionally faster operation technology, and now only needs tens of thousands of parts or hundreds of thousands of parts to achieve our desired results. Experts from all over the world have already conducted research on photonic computers, but they have not succeeded for various reasons. Now, the working principle proposed by the Russian scientific research institute can reduce the conversion between the photoelectric parts of computers as much as possible. It takes a lot of time and energy, which is probably the most difficult problem for everyone to start with.


At present, the photon processor invented in Russia can perform complex operations and can perform up to 50,000 megabits of floating-point operations per second. This speed is really fast, at least the operation cost is saved, and the peak power of this processor is only It is 100 watts (and existing electronic processors of the same power can only perform up to 5 megaflops per second, which is 10,000 times slower than photonic processors). At the same time, the performance of the photonic computer can be greatly improved by shortening the length of the light wave.



Russia’s scientific research has achieved a huge breakthrough, so it is said to be unique at present. At present, I am not sure whether there are any other countries’ research results or specific announcements. Russia will once again lead in the field of photonics. We I have to admit that the power of this technology has solved at least the problems that everyone has encountered.

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