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Rosenberg Introduces Identification Jumpers To Simplify Data Center Cable Reconfiguration
Mar 15, 2019


Rosenberger Optical Solutions and Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI) introduced the Identification Jumper (IDP). IDP uses a light-based approach to identify and locate both ends of the jumper.


Rosenberger OSI said that technicians can insert an IDP external light source into one end of the jumper and then identify the other end of the link with the light. (Photos on the Rosenberger OSI website show that the lights are green.) This method requires only one technician and does not require active appliances or optical components. Therefore, technicians can easily modify existing jumper connections using IDP.



HaraldJungb?ck, product manager for data center cabling systems at Rosenberger OSI, said: "In data center operations, fiber optic data cabling is often required to be reconfigured. This is usually done by manually patching jumpers into the distribution box. But even though it has been based on the wiring documentation It is not uncommon to check out the error of active data transmission by pulling out the jumpers in advance. Our development not only improves the availability of IT applications, but also ensures the best operational reliability of the data center."

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