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NEC Conducts Ultra-high Definition Live Video Transmission Test Through NTT DOCOMO And TOBU RAILWAY 5G
Jan 14, 2019


In recent years, the demand for high definition video has increased. This demonstration aims to apply 5G to the entertainment sector, including sports and travel content.


An 8K Ultra HD live video with a Steam Locomotive (SL) train is sent from a 5G base station installed on the railway to a 5G mobile station located in a running SL train and displayed on an 8K display.


In addition, pre-recorded high definition 4K video content is transmitted from the 5G base station to the 5G mobile station on the SL train and distributed to the mobile terminal of the passenger on the train via the wireless LAN. This shows that 5G can transmit high-definition video content on a train or bus, providing a service that allows large-capacity content to be distributed in various media.




The NEC 5G base station is equipped with a Massive MIMO antenna to form a beam (directionality) that concentrates power in the position and direction of the 5G mobile station. Since the antenna always forms the optimum beam of the mobile station by causing the beam to follow the movement of the mobile station, it can achieve high data transmission rate and high quality wireless data communication even for a mobile station mounted on the move.


Looking ahead, NEC will continue to conduct 5G validation in a variety of use cases, including tourism, healthcare and security applications, as well as urban and rural conditions and environments.

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