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Molex And Elenion Technologies Expand Silicon Light
Mar 05, 2019


Molex Ventures said it will assist in further collaboration between Molex Optical Solutions Group (OSG) and silicon photonics experts Elenion Technologies, LLC. Molex Ventures cited further investmentsbut did not disclose the scale of the investment. Molex OSG and Elenion are jointly developing optical products for telecom and datacom applications.


Molex Ventures, a subsidiary of Molex Electronic Technology LLC, oversees the company's venture capital and early investment pipelines and processes.



Adit Narasimha, vice president and general manager of Molex Optoelectronics, said: "High-speed silicon photonics technology will enable the next generation of smaller form factor, higher bandwidth and higher efficiency. This investment will enable us to accelerate the next generation of connectivity. Solutions to expand the solutions we offer our customers."


Larry Schwerin, CEO of Elenion Technologies, said: "We are pleased to expand our partnership with Molex. Through our SiPh technology platform, Elenion is able to innovate quickly to meet the future needs of its customers."


In the coherent field, Elenion has developed an optical engine for the CFP2-ACO and CFP-DCO coherent optical modules. Molex and Elenion see the next-generation CSTAR system-on-chip products for CFP-DCO coherent optical modules that will bring smaller optical engines and pluggable modules for telecom and ultra-large-scale data center applications.

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