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Lianya’s Revenue Last Year Was As Expected
Jan 15, 2019


ICCSZ News Asia announced that it had consolidated its revenue of NT$216 million in December last year and consolidated revenue of 2.362 billion yuan in the year, in line with market expectations. The legal person said that next year, new products for silicon light projects will be launched and profitable growth will be achieved. About 30%.


The legal person pointed out that the company's revenue growth from China's telecom customers and silicon light project products grew slowly. In December last year, the consolidated revenue decreased by 6.9% and the annual growth rate was 0.5%. The growth rate slowed down. The fourth quarter of last year combined revenue. 676 million yuan, a quarterly increase of 11.7%, an annual increase of 7.8%, maintaining a gross profit margin of 55%, an estimated after-tax net profit of 223 million yuan, a single season after-tax net profit (EPS) of 2.47 yuan, last year's EPS About 7.75 yuan.



The legal person believes that after the product conversion period of the company's major customers, the shipment will increase significantly this year. The secondary customers will have the opportunity to gradually increase their new products. The telecom products will benefit from the second quarter after the relevant 5G application products. The demand for specification upgrades will drive the annual consolidated revenue challenge of 2.8 billion yuan. Due to the market demand for new products of silicon light projects and the continuous development of new customers, the revenue ratio of data center products with higher gross profit margin will increase compared with last year. After the net benefit can be more than 900 million yuan, an annual increase of nearly 30%, EPS up to 10 yuan, profitable nearly five years high.

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