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Kaiam Is Looking For A Solution Other Than Bankruptcy
Jan 16, 2019

ICCSZ News (Compile: Vicki) Optical transceiver supplier Kaiam is seeking alternatives to bankruptcy. The investment agreement between Kaiam and the intended partner last month failed. According to UK law, Kaiam will manage the business of Livingston, Scotland, but Kaiam closed its local manufacturing facility on Christmas Eve on December 24 because it was unable to pay the monthly salary.



Kaiam is a company that manufactures optical transceivers and components for patent-based integration and packaging platforms. Its latest generation of LightScale 2 technology platform debuted at ECOC 2016. The platform's original LightScale 1 is a hybrid optical integration solution with MEMS alignment, and LightScale 2 further simplifies packaging. Kaiam CEO Bardia Pezeshki said: "Kaiam's MEMS-based packaging solutions fundamentally enable high-density products that effectively combine InP lasers, silicon photonics and silicon waveguide integrated optics."


Kaiam hopes to leverage its technology to meet the needs of large data center customers for "high-volume, low-cost" optics. Pezeshki said that the financial pressure caused by the lack of orders in Scotland led him to seek new partnerships (including the acquisition of potential targets for Kaiam), which may lead to another approach in the large data center.



The closure of the UK facility has caused Kaiam to lack major product manufacturing resources and is therefore in dire straits. Pezeshki said he is currently discussing the value of Kaiam with potential white knights. White knights said: "I am really happy to use the Kaiam transceiver. We already have the best 100G transceiver. Basically, we have the best performance and the best cost structure. I appreciate the development of Kaiam. technology."


The company can be sold before or after the bankruptcy. Pezeshki said on the conference call: "We may also enter certain bankruptcy procedures in the United States."

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