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II-VI Introduces 22 W Pump Laser Diode For Fiber Lasers
Feb 02, 2019

II-VI Incorporated (NASDAQ: IIVI) is a leader in high-power semiconductor lasers, announcing the introduction of next-generation pump laser diodes that deliver 22W of high output power from a single chip.


Fiber lasers represent an increase in the cost of processing industrial materials. The advancement in power of a single laser diode further represents the cost advantage of a laser system. The II-VI's new laser diodes deliver 22 W of output power, which is 22% higher than existing products, making fiber lasers designed with fewer emitters for cutting, soldering, brazing and laser additive manufacturing applications. .


Karlheinz Gulden, general manager of the II-VI laser division, said: "The demand for our new laser chips has been suppressed and we are beginning to increase production. Customers are increasingly relying on II-VI innovations in high-power semiconductor laser technology to be reliable in performance. Produce the most competitive fiber lasers in terms of performance and cost."


The brightness of the 22W pump laser diode is 915 and 976 nm, respectively. The laser chip has a 190 μm wide output surface and is designed to achieve optimum coupling efficiency for the widely used 200 μm core fiber. These chips include II-VI's proprietary E2 front mirror passivation to prevent catastrophic damage to the laser even at very high output power. The new generation of chips successfully completed 4,000 hours of accelerated aging.


The II-VI pump laser diodes are available in bare chips, ceramic submounts or fiber-coupled multi-emitter modules. II-VI's wide range of components for fiber lasers include seed lasers, acousto-optic modulators, fiber Bragg gratings, kilowatt pumps and signal combiners, as well as IBS coated laser optics and micro-optics for high power isolators.

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