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Google Will Deploy Curie Submarine Cable In Equinix Los Angeles Data Center
Feb 13, 2019


Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX) said that Google decided to connect the Curie submarine cable to the Equinix LA4 International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in El Segundo, California. The Curie submarine network connecting Chile and the United States is expected to be operational later this year.


This connection agreement reflects the current trend of integrated fiber optic cable landing stations in the data center. Equinix said its fiber-optic landing/data center configuration connects the submarine cable system directly to the companies and carriers connected to the IBX data center. This approach simplifies network design and reduces network latency.



Jim Poole, vice president of business development at Equinix, said: "With the significant growth in global data traffic, we see companies operating global businesses need access to high-capacity, low-latency networks that connect them to ocean data centers and are Reliability. Any submarine cable system user at Equinix's global data center endpoints has instant, low-latency access to Equinix's vibrant industry ecosystem, which is a huge advantage."


The Curie Underwater Network will be transported from El Segundo to Valparaiso, Chile. The four fiber-optic systems will span more than 10,000 kilometers and are designed to provide future branch offices with network communications capabilities to Panama.

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