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Ethernet Alliance To Conduct 25G-400G Port Interoperability Plugfest Next Month
Nov 19, 2018

The Ethernet Alliance announced plans to begin a one-week high-speed network Plugfest on December 3, 2018 to evaluate and improve interoperability of data rates from 25Gbps to 400Gbps ports. 100G Lambda MSA members will also participate in this Plugfest.

ICCSZ (compilation: Nina) The Ethernet Alliance plans to start the next high-speed network Plugfest at the New Hampshire University Internet Laboratory (UNH-IOL) in New Hampshire on December 3, 2018. The one-week event is designed to enable Ethernet Alliance members, device manufacturers, test and measurement technology vendors, and other members of the Ethernet ecosystem to evaluate and improve interoperability of data rates from 25Gbps to 400Gbps ports. The Ethernet Alliance also revealed that it has signed an agreement with 100G Lambda MSA, according to the agreement, the MSA members can also participate in the event.



The technology evaluated in the Plugfest in December will be based on recently completed and upcoming IEEE standards, specifically IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE P802.3cd. According to the agreement with 100G Lambda MSA, there should also be technologies related to 100G-FR and 400G-FR4 specifications in Plugfest. Overall, the Ethernet Alliance expects that the Plugfest will include Ethernet physical layer transceivers (PHYs), network interface controllers (NICs), switches, test and measurement platforms, and speeds of 25/50/100/200/, respectively. 400Gbps optical and copper media.


Dave Chalupsky, member of the Ethernet Alliance Board of Directors and Chairman of Plugfest, Intel's Network Product Architect, said: "With the continuous development of technology and the development of different time periods, the industry is increasingly demanding reliable mutual solutions for its solutions. Operational testing opportunities. This is why the Ethernet Alliance is expanding globally. Ethernet is at an important historical stage of development. Over the past two years, new standards have been frequent and continue to be launched. Our Plugfest will make the Ethernet Network members are able to develop products faster and confidently provide customers with dependable multi-vendor interoperability products."

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