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Chorus Plans To Conduct 10-Gbps XGS-PON Field Trials
Feb 14, 2019


New Zealand national operator Chorus said it plans to begin field trials of 10 Gbps broadband services through its open fiber-optic broadband network. The test will utilize Nokia's XGS-PON system.


The network operator said it will start connecting 10 Gbps customers in the middle of next month. The trial will initially include 30 homes in Auckland and Wellington. Chorus said that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will also participate in the trial. Service providers 2degrees, Kordia, Stuff Fiber and Trustpower will also provide services.



Ed Hyde, Chorus's chief customer officer, said: "Our 10 Gbps residential and SMB trials will give New Zealanders one of the fastest broadband services on the planet. With the launch of the latest technology, it has also enhanced our ongoing world-class architecture. The capabilities of the fiber infrastructure. In the past eight years, New Zealand's broadband capabilities have grown rapidly. The average broadband speed in 2011 was only around 10 Mbps. When Chorus' fiber was first introduced in 2012, the maximum speed was 100 Mbps. We are the first company to launch Gigabit Fiber Broadband in 2014, the fastest growing program on our network with more than 44,000 customers."


For many years, Nokia has been providing GPON equipment to Chorus, and the two companies have been collaborating on fiber broadband technology trials in the past.

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