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Cascadia FiberNet Plans To Establish Fiber-optic Network Connections In Places Like Vancouver
Jan 24, 2019


As part of the Cascadia Gateway Initiative, Cascadia FiberNet Inc plans to establish 864 fiber optic networks between Vancouver, British Columbia's Harbour Center and the Seattle Westin Building Exchange. Work on carrier neutral fiber networks will begin in March this year with the goal of providing services by the end of the first quarter of 2020.


The Cascadia Gateway Initiative includes several projects designed to support regional operations in British Columbia and Washington, DC, and to establish connections between provinces and states and Asia Pacific. The initiative includes the participation of the public and private sectors.



Cascadia FiberNet said the new fiber network will be the largest fiber network between Vancouver and Seattle. This is the first of its kind, including links to the Asia Pacific region through the submarine network. Michael Boyle, Director of Strategic Planning at the Westin Building Exchange, said: “The initiative being taken by Cascadia FiberNet is a key step in meeting the growing needs of the North and South borders. Whether through enhanced cloud services, support for emerging BC media/visual effects The industry is also connecting Canada and Asia Pacific capacity to North America. Building open fiber optic cable allows new entrants to thrive and gain new opportunities. The initiative gives Canada a wide range of opportunities on a global scale and will greatly benefit Washington, British Columbia and Asia Pacific markets."


The AFL Network Service will support the project. Joe Grech, President of AFL Network Services, said: "We are proud to be the preferred partner for building and engineering services for the Cascadia FiberNet infrastructure project and AFL's world-class fiber optic cable and accessories. As an office in Vancouver and Seattle. The company, we directly understand the value-added communications infrastructure will bring first-hand information to the Pacific Northwest. We are pleased to be part of a partnership that will enhance cross-border capabilities and benefit communities throughout the region and in the region Create new jobs."

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