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BT: Huawei Is Still An Important Supplier Of 5G Network Equipment
Dec 25, 2018

A spokesperson for BT said to Xinhua News Agency on the 24th that China Huawei is still the "important" of the UK's largest telecom operator in the fourth and fifth generation mobile communication technology (4G and 5G) networks and fixed networks. Equipment supplier".


In an interview with Xinhua News Agency on the same day, the spokesman said that since 2005, BT has cooperated with Huawei. At present, the cooperation between Huawei and Huawei in the construction of 5G network is progressing smoothly.



Some media recently said that the core network of BT's 5G network no longer uses Huawei equipment. The spokesperson said that BT has adopted a multi-vendor deployment strategy. Although Huawei does not participate in the construction of the 5G network core network, it will still participate in the construction of other important parts of the 5G network. Huawei "is an innovative partner we value very much." BT's attitude and strategy toward Huawei has not changed.


A statement provided by Huawei to Xinhua News Agency said that the "core network" is a technical term in the telecommunications industry, referring to a specific component of the mobile network, but it is not the largest part of the network construction investment. The statement said: "Huawei has followed the principle of BT's 'different networks and different suppliers' and has clearly defined the cooperation model with this company, that is, not participating in the core network construction and using it to this day."


After more than 10 years of cooperation, Huawei has provided a large number of fixed network and mobile network equipment for BT, and participated in the construction of several important projects such as the UK national broadband project and 4G project. The two companies are also making full efforts to promote 5G network construction.


Huawei said: "The current arrangements with BT for the construction of 5G networks are not the decisions that have been made recently. They are the result of long-term and joint consultation between the two companies."

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