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Brief Description Of Server Cabinet Equipment
Nov 27, 2018

First, the fiber distribution frame

The fiber distribution frame is a 19-inch wide metal box with square holes for placing and protecting the fiber that has been stripped of the outer casing and exposed. After the fiber outside the network center enters the cabinet, it is not directly connected to the switch, but is connected to the fiber distribution frame, and then connected by fiber jumpers to the fiber switch port of the network switch. Because the fiber is just a bundle of fiberglass, it is very fragile. If it is directly connected to the switch, although it can work normally, it cannot be jumped at will, otherwise it is easy to break the fiber.

Second, the network switch

A network switch is a network device used for data exchange. Fibers and network cables from all directions are connected to their ports. Switches, especially those in the network center, are the "lifeblood" of the network. Its reliability and security are of paramount importance. Therefore, switches in the network center must be installed in closed and ventilated cabinets to provide a safe and reliable physical environment for the switch.


Third, the router

The router works in the third layer of the OSI (Open System Interconnection) seven-layer model, responsible for the addressing and forwarding of Layer 3 packets. There are many types of routers. The routers used by the LAN are generally access routers for accessing the WAN.

Fourth, the network firewall

A network firewall is a security barrier installed between an internal network and an external network. The firewall has software and hardware. The network center generally uses a hardware firewall, and its appearance is very similar to that of a router.

Five, twisted pair distribution frame

Today's networks basically use structured twisting for twisted pairs of more than five grades, so there will be a large number of twisted pairs.

Six, monitor for monitoring

The video receiving device in the security monitoring can also be placed in the cabinet, which is usually placed in the cabinet inside the office.

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