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At The End Of 2018, The Orange FTTH Network Covers Nearly 12 Million Homes.
Jan 24, 2019


France's Incumbent service provider Orange said that by the end of 2018, its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network coverage has expanded to nearly 12 million homes and businesses. The company said its FTTH broadband infrastructure accounted for 9.3 million of the total, with the rest coming from broadband networks established by other infrastructure operators visited by Orange. France has strict open access requirements for FTTH infrastructure.



Orange said that since 2015, its total investment in broadband networks has reached 9 billion euros (about 10.2 billion US dollars), and its fiber infrastructure built in France accounts for more than 70%. Orange also said that since 2015, it has deployed more than 20,000 kilometers of fiber. Last year, its network coverage increased by more than 30%, and the coverage of underdeveloped areas in 2018 expanded by more than 40%.


Fabienne Dulac, deputy general manager and CEO of Orange France, predicts that his FTTH subscribers are expected to reach 3 million this summer. According to data released last year by FTTH Council Europe and IDATE, 14.9% of French households can use fiber-optic broadband, and France ranks 21st in terms of FTTH/B penetration.

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