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Accelerating The Integration Of The Optical Communication Industry, See Who Is Being Merged This Year.
Nov 22, 2018

On November 8, US time, the global leader in engineering materials and optical network solutions, laser material processing solutions manufacturer II-VI announced that the company and the global technology leader of optical communication Finisar has reached a final merger agreement, II-VI The company will acquire Finisar in cash and stock trading with an equity value of approximately $3.2 billion. This is the second acquisition of II-VI this year, and it is also the sixth most influential M&A event in the field of optical communication. Today, the OFweek optical communication network takes you back to the six acquisitions this year.

Optical communication industry mergers and acquisitions inventory

March Lumentum acquires Oclaro

On March 12th, US time, Lumentum, the optical communication industry's second--optical network optical products, consumer market and industrial laser provider, won the industry's third-year long-distance metropolitan area with a price of 1.8 billion US dollars (cash plus stock) Oclaro, leader in optical device modules with the data center market.

According to the fiscal year 2017 revenue, Lumentum's revenue reached 1 billion US dollars, Oclaro's revenue reached 600 million US dollars, the sum of the two has exceeded the industry leader Finisar's 1.45 billion US dollars, becoming the industry's first.

March II-VI acquires CoAdna

On March 26th, US time, the global leader in engineering materials and optical network solutions, laser material processing solutions manufacturer II-VI announced that it will acquire wavelength selective switch developer CoAdna ( Holdings) for US$85 million. . Among them, the transaction price includes the acquisition of CoAdna about 40 million US dollars in cash, all transactions completed in the third quarter of 2018.

Kona is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and will be included in the Photonics division of II-VI after the transaction. This transaction will strengthen the vertical integration capabilities of II-VI ROADMs products.

May Borch Technology acquires Chengdu Dipu

On the evening of May 30, Bochuang Technology announced that it intends to acquire Chengdu Dipu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Chengdu Dipu) jointly owned by Sichuan Guangheng, Yang Yi, Zhou Jian and Lei Huadong with its own funds of RMB 118 million. ) 100% equity. Upon completion of the acquisition, the company will become the sole shareholder of Chengdu Dipu. According to the company, this acquisition will help strengthen the company's strategic layout in the field of active devices.


Borch Technology said that the purpose of this transaction is to add new product lines and customer groups, introduce new business teams, acquire new production R&D bases, enhance the company's strategic layout in the field of active devices, and expand active devices for the follow-up. The foundation of the business.

Telecom operators will upgrade their access networks in the next few years, and the demand for 10GPON and higher speed and capacity PON markets is greater. Chengdu DiPu is in a relatively leading position in the domestic 10GPON optical transceiver module suppliers. The related products have been certified by several customers and achieved volume shipments. The growth potential in the next three years is relatively large. After the completion of this transaction, the company will increase the scale of revenue and enhance profitability; the company's product line is more abundant and its anti-risk ability is strengthened.

September Molex acquires Nistica

On September 21st, US time, global connector leader Molex announced the acquisition of wavelength selective switch (WSS) developer Nistica, the transaction details were not disclosed. Molex joined Koch Industries in the early years to complete privatization. The latter acquired Optical Devices Oplink in 2014 and placed it under Molex. If this deal is reached, Molex will expand its light again. Device module product portfolio.

Nistica was founded in 2005 in Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA. It is mainly developed for metro ROADM technology and was acquired by Fujikura in 2012. Nistica's unique technology in multi-port WSS, the comprehensive Nistica wavelength management solution will enhance Molex's innovative solutions for next-generation architectures in metro and long-haul network cores. Nistica's business will be integrated into the Molex Optical Solutions Group, a global provider of optical solutions including a wide range of optical connectivity, optoelectronics and optical transmission products.

September Light Library Technology plans to acquire Jiahua Weijie

On September 24, Zhuhai Guangku Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it intends to acquire 100% equity of Shenzhen Jiahua Weijie Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held by Zhang Hua and HE ZAIXIN with its own funds of RMB 145 million. Upon completion of the acquisition, Optical Library Technology will hold a 100% stake in Jiahua Weijie and become the sole shareholder of Jiahua Weijie.

The announcement stated that the technology of micro-connection products required by Jiahua Weijie in the high-speed digital optical transceiver module is in a relatively leading position and has great growth potential in the future. Through this acquisition, the company can enter the high-speed development of the data center and cloud computing industry chain, and expand the company's strategic layout. After the completion of this transaction, it will help the company to expand into new business areas, introduce new professional teams, enrich the company's product line, and help the company's future development.

November II-VI acquires Finisar

On November 8, US time, the two giants in the field of optoelectronic devices - II-VI, the global leader in engineering materials and optoelectronic components, and Finisar, the global technology leader in optical communications, announced that they have reached a final merger agreement, II-VI. The company will acquire Finisar in cash and stock trading with an equity value of approximately $3.2 billion. According to the price of November 8, 2018, Finisar shareholders will own approximately 31% of the combined company.

The combination of II-VI and Finisar combines two industry leaders with high complementarity and innovation to create a powerful industry-leading optoelectronics and compound semiconductor giant that will better serve fast-growing communications, Consumer electronics, defense, industrial processing lasers, automotive semiconductor devices and life sciences. If the transaction is completed, II-VI and Finisar will employ more than 24,000 people in 70 locations around the world.

As a combined company, II-VI and Finisar will continue to leverage the commercialization of their top innovations and complex technologies to maximize value through vertical integration and manufacturing scale, and the core competencies of the two companies in innovation and manufacturing will Complement each other at all levels of the value chain.

to sum up

In the field of wavelength selective switches with extremely high technical difficulty in optical communication devices, only a few in the world can achieve batch win-win. But this year, the global WSS supplier pattern has changed dramatically. The industry's first Finisar and another major supplier CoAdna were acquired by II-VI, while the industry's second Lumentum acquired long-distance metro and data center market light. Device module leader Oclaro.

From this year's corporate mergers and acquisitions, it can be seen that the integration speed of the optical communication industry is accelerating, and industry giants have expanded their industrial layout by means of acquisition or merger, and the overall competition will become increasingly fierce. With the acceleration of the integration process of the major industry chains, SMEs in the industry will face greater challenges.

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