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5G Spectrum Auction Is Not Legal? Deutsche Telekom Sues German Federal Communications Agency
Jan 03, 2019

Germany stipulates that bidders of 5G mobile frequencies must invest in expanding the country's mobile network and may allow new entrants to use their infrastructure.


The German State Grid regulator set the bid deadline to January 25, saying the auction will begin in early 2019, but revised the preconditions for participation, triggering protests from major network operators in the country.



According to the revised regulations, new entrants who do not develop their own networks, such as the United Internet (UTDI.DE), can bid for 5G licenses.


The newspaper quoted a spokesperson for Deutsche Telekom as saying that Deutsche Telekom’s lawsuit alleges that new preconditions have cast doubt on its investment and hindered the further development of network infrastructure, especially in rural areas.


Reuters failed to contact Deutsche Telekom immediately.


Germany's three major network operators - Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica Deutschland - have now sued the Internet company to try to determine the legitimacy of the new prerequisites. Deutsche Telekom filed a lawsuit in an administrative court in Cologne, Germany.

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