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5G Is Not Popular, Cisco Began To Discuss 6G
Jan 10, 2019


Beasley said that the 6G deployment will take 15 to 20 years, after all, 5G is not universal at this stage. From the perspective of technological development, 6G is still a fundamental frontier, which takes a long time and effort to conduct special research.


He believes that 6G will be able to embed any smart device and electronic product in a more compact and efficient way in the future, truly connecting everything. In addition to higher network speeds, lower latency and greater coverage, 6G will also have significant improvements in network security. 6G networks can detect anomalous behavior at ultra-fast speeds and quickly identify and process them.



In response to the upcoming quantum computing technology, Beasley said that 6G will be combined with quantum computing technology to form a "quantum Internet". If quantum computing technology is used on a large scale in the market, then whether it is a personal device or the entire Internet. These demands for computing power and bandwidth may increase by one to two orders of magnitude. Ultra-fast network connectivity speeds with ultra-fast computing efficiency, our world will be extraordinary in the future.


Beasley said: "At that time, everyone is part of the network, each person has one or more network access devices, from the entertainment, social, work all aspects of ultra-high-definition video, AR, VR content Can be obtained."

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