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5G Besides Fast, What Else?
Nov 16, 2018

The advent of 5G will also bring about tremendous changes in user content services and experience, such as high-definition video, VR games, the Internet of Things and other industries will be profitable, accelerate the pace of development.

First of all, the high-definition video industry will usher in the spring, and the user's visual experience will be greatly enhanced. A few days ago, China Mobile completed the 8K HD video on demand demonstration based on 5G network, compared with 4K video, 8K ultra-high definition video can not only improve the quality of the picture, achieve a high degree of restoration of real scenes; and 8K high definition video technology combined with 5G network will change the traditional media industry, and help the broadcasting and television industry in an all-round way. The transformation and upgrading of end-to-end production mode will promote innovative applications in all walks of life, including the popularity of consumer entertainment in sports, live performances, film and television broadcasting, and thus effectively promote the accelerated development of 8K ultra-high definition video industry. Thanks to the development of HD video in 5G, the user's video viewing experience will also continue to improve.

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Secondly, the VR industry will also expand with the advent of 5G. VR technology has gradually emerged in the 4G era and entered the consumer's eyes, but it has not yet been popularized and popularized. Most of it is used for user experience, because 4G network is still not enough to carry large-scale VR applications. The data throughput of 5G network is 10 times higher than that of 4G, the communication capacity is 100 times higher, and the delay is one tenth of the previous. Therefore, the barrier of VR transmission will be cleared up, and the problems that perplex the application of VR technology in mobile terminal will be solved. Based on this, the interactive content of 5G+VR live broadcast, VR game and so on can be introduced. Users have better visual experience. According to the forecast, the whole VR industry is expected to reach 45 billion US dollars by 2025, which will bring new opportunities to all walks of life. The huge development space will attract more enterprises to participate in it. The future development of VR industry is full of potential.

Finally, 5G will bring about an era of interconnection and create a more convenient, intelligent and efficient production and living scene. With the advent of 5G high-speed network, the development space of the Internet of Things will be further enlarged. By 2021, 28 billion mobile devices will be interconnected, of which 16 billion will be IoT devices. In the next decade, the Internet of Things (IOT) will expand to all walks of life, and the number of M2M terminals will increase dramatically. It can be said that 5G is designed for the interconnection of all things.

In addition to improving the intelligence and efficiency of industrial production, transportation, education, medical care, security, tourism and other aspects closely related to us will become more intelligent because of the interconnection of all things. Vehicle networking, automatic driving, remote surgery, smart home will become more and more popular because of 5G, further improve and enhance The quality of our lives.

The change brought by 5G is not only the improvement of network speed, but also the change of thinking mode and business mode, which will affect all aspects of our production and life more profoundly. Only by following the trend of development and keeping up with the pace of the times can we make our life more colorful.

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