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Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

Part Number ADSS-C-XX_YY_ZZ Nominal Weight(kg/km) 124.2 136.3 146.5 165.9 185.8 Max.Tension(N) Short-term 1500 Long-term 600 Min.Bending Radius(mm) Install 20D Static 10D Max.Crush Resistance (N/100nm2) 1000

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Outdoor Fiber Cable 07

Fiber core:4 8   12  24

Outer Diameter(mm):11.6  12.3    12.8    13.8    14.8

Part Number:ADSS-C-XX_YY_ZZ

Nominal Weight(kg/km):124.2  136.3   146.5   165.9   185.8


Min.Bending Radius(mm):Install:20DStatic:10D

Max.Crush Resistance (N/100nm2):  1000

outdoor fiber optic cable 3


What are Fibre optic cables made of?
Turns out they can be made of just glass, glass plus polymers, or just polymers. The most basic optical fiber consist of: An inner cylinder with high refractive index, called the core. A middle cylinder with a lower refractive index, called the cladding.

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