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ST Fiber Attenuator

We supply JATST01SM LC Fiber Attenuator . Shenzhen Adtek Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, as the R&D base of Adtek Group, it is mainly work on fiber optic patch cords & cables and other fiber communications products.

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Product introduction

ST Fixed male-female Single mode / multi mode ST Fiber Attenuator

 JATST01SM LC Fiber Attenuator 06

Product parameters


Fiber optic connector


Connector type

Fixed male-female

Transmission mode

Single mode / multi mode

Attenuation value

1 to 25 dB

Working wavelength (nm)

1260/1620(SM), 850/1330(MM)

Attenuation accuracy

1-9dB±0.5dB, 10-25dB±10%dB

Return loss


Maximum input optical power


Operating temperature

—40℃ to +80℃

Polarization dependent loss


Storage temperature

—40℃ to +85℃


95% RH

Ferrule material

Cerium oxide ceramic




Product features and applications


1.Simple and reliable structure
2.Good reliability and stability
3.High reture loss
4.Fixed,Variable and In-line type

ST Fiber Attenuator 1

ST Fiber Attenuator

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