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Fiber Optic Adapter

Connector A: SC Adapter Mode: Singlemode Jacket Material: Plastic Durability: ≤ 0.1dB Operating Temperature: -25~70°C

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MTP Adapter 04

Insertion Loss:≤0.2dBFiber Mode:Multimode

Flammability Rate:UL94-V0Working Temperature:-25~70°C

Connector Type:SC-SCPolish Type:UPC

Fiber Counts:SimplexDurability:≤0.1dB


What does fiber optic cable connect to?
Artwork: Total internal reflection keeps light rays bouncing down the inside of a fiber-optic cable. Light travels down a fiber-optic cable by bouncing repeatedly off the walls. Each tiny photon (particle of light) bounces down the pipe like a bobsleigh going down an ice run.

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